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Quality and Environment

With the growing environmental concern and the increasingly demanding consumer, we are committed to the preservation of natural resources and the quality of products and services provided with a view to continuous improvement and satisfaction of all interested parties.

The implementation of a Quality and Environment Management system certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards since 2003, made us the first company in the sector with these certifications, being synonymous with differentiation and a fundamental added value for all.


Quality and Environment Policy

Golfejardim sells machinery and equipment for green spaces, with the guarantee of after-sales support, using environmental resources in a sustainable way.

The Quality and Environment Policy é guided by the following principles:

Quality of Products and Services Respecting the Environment

Golfejardim has a long tradition in personalized relationships, advising and providing solutions à tailored to the needs of its customers.

Thus, the company intends to continue to be a reference in the market in terms of offering quality products and services that satisfy customers' requirements, thus continuing to ensure their trust. .

At the same time, é our aim to promote eco-efficiency by resorting to à rationalization of the consumption of environmental resources, à proper waste management, à pollution prevention and in this way minimize  systematically the environmental impacts associated with the activities of commercialization of equipment, parts and workshop intervention.

Safety and competence

Training employees to act responsibly in accordance with environmental principles, preventing accidents and maximizing the response to possible emergency situations.

Legal and other requirements

Fulfilling the legal requirements, regulations and standards applicable to its activities, products and services.

Continuous Improvement

To ensure the trust and fidelity of all parties, Golfejardim defines objectives and sets goals with a commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of its Quality and Environment Management System.


Golfejardim's Quality and Environment Management system is é developed and continuously improved to meet the needs and, if possible, exceed the expectations of customers, employees, suppliers and others, and its Policy is disclosed to employees and all interested parties in a transparent manner.