Club Car

The official Club Car distributor in Portugal since 1990

The Club Car vehicles are recognized as industry leaders by their build quality and reliability.

Being pioneers in the construction of vehicles with an aluminum structure, since 1958, Club Car has maintained the innovative factors that place it at the forefront of today´s golf, transportation and utility vehicle industry. Club Car has seen its products present throughout the best golf courses in the world, as well as in a number of applications from utility services, industry, leisure, hospitality business and custom-tailored solutions.

With the widest variety of models in the small electric vehicle industry, Club Car can offer unimaginable opportunities with countless tailor-made solutions adaptable to any area of business.

Golfejardim is one of the oldest Club Car dealers worldwide, with over 30 years in business representing the brand and maintaining a permanent stock of vehicles, as well as over 13000 in-house original stock references and a technical team with a vast experience and training provided by Club Car.